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Age of War


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Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey filled with battles, tactics, and triumphs? Welcome to Age of War, an online strategy game that will put your skills to the ultimate test. Defend your base, conquer your enemies, and lead your army to victory across five magnificent ages. Each age introduces unique units and technologies, ensuring an immersive and ever-evolving gameplay experience.

Master the Art of War

In Age of War, you commence your conquest in the humble Stone Age, armed with spearmen and catapults. As you progress through the ages, the gates to unparalleled power swing open, granting you access to formidable warriors such as knights, cannons, and bombers. With the right strategy, you can dominate the battlefield and establish your dominance.

Seamlessly Command Your Forces

Fear not, for the game controls are as simple as they come:

  • Left click: Select a unit or building.
  • Right click: Move a unit or construct a building.
  • Spacebar: Unleash a devastating attack with your selected unit.

Engage in thrilling battles, execute tactical maneuvers, and witness the grand spectacle of your army’s might as you employ these intuitive controls.

Unleash Your Strategic Acumen

To emerge victorious in Age of War, you must not only master the art of warfare but also craft a thriving economy. Strive to maintain a delicate balance between resource production and supporting your mighty army. Every decision shapes your path to glory.

Upgrade your units as you progress through the ages, enhancing their power and effectiveness. Unleash their unique special abilities to gain a decisive advantage over your adversaries. Remember, the key to triumph lies in the synergy between your units and their abilities.

Rise to the Challenge

The later ages might seem daunting, but do not succumb to despair. With perseverance and practice, you can overcome any challenge that comes your way. A resolute spirit combined with relentless determination will pave your path to victory.

Enter the World of Age of War

Age of War caters to players of all skill levels, offering a compelling and addictive gameplay experience. Immerse yourself in a world brimming with adventure, where your strategic prowess will determine the fate of civilizations.

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Discover More about Age of War

To satiate your curiosity, here are some additional details about Age of War:

  • The game was brilliantly crafted by the talented developer “Max Games.”
  • Age of War first graced the gaming scene in 2006, captivating players ever since.
  • Embrace the freedom of choice and indulge in Age of War’s availability on numerous platforms, including Unblocked Games WTF.
  • Critics and players alike have bestowed upon Age of War glowing reviews, testifying to its brilliance and captivating gameplay.

So, rally your troops, prepare your strategy, and embark on an epic journey through the ages. The world of Age of War awaits, where legends are forged and heroes rise. Join us at Big Shot Boxing and etch your name into the annals of history.